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How to Improve SEO: The 5 Steps to Make Your Website More Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results-generally referred to as “natural,” or “organic,” results. There are a lot of things that can affect the ranking of a website on a search engine result page. You can use SEO to improve your ranking. In this article we’ll discuss how to improve seo, and what seo tips and tricks can help you improve on the search results.

What we’ll cover in this article

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most common SEO Ranking related questions, such as the effect of internal links, user experience, meta description A/B testing, quality content such as blogs and other media tools for content strategy planning, target keywords, SEO plugins, on page, off page and technical SEO. 

How search engines work

Searching Google

When you search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, a search engine uses “keywords” to rank the search results, regardless of how good your site is. Search engines use algorithms to analyze the content of websites in search of keywords and phrases. There are thousands of search phrases, and keywords that can help improve a site’s search engine ranking. Keywords increase the number of visits that a site receives, and can also attract traffic.

Working in SEO, web pages and content, you are able to understand the importance of keyword research tools such as (Ahrefs, SEranking etc) and how these keyword tools are able to help guide your online content ideas and help improve organic rankings.

Keyword research

Trending keyword

The first thing you should do when you are trying to improve the ranking of your website is to find the right keyword phrase. You’ll need to take a look at what your competitors are using. Once you find the keywords, use the keywords within your web pages, your written content and visual content,  meta description, alt text, title tag and your images. If you can’t find the right keyword phrase, then make sure you don’t copy and paste the same keywords all over your web pages as this will border along the lines of keyword stuffing, which google is not a fan of and your website could be penalised.

There are several different ways you can do keyword research and you’ll want to do one of the most effective ones possible. Do a keyword-volume analysis of your website (not as daunting as it sounds). Enter you site, and a competitor, into a tool like Ubersuggest. This will help you identify the top 100-150 words people are using to search for your website. This will help you figure out the type of text that is most relevant to your industry. Using Keywords is a no-brainer and will ultimately help Google understand what it is you offer.

Understanding that content optimization is required in the modern day and age to have business appear in the search rankings and organic rankings.  

Write for the web

A Lea Websites on phones
Example of A Lea Jewellers Website Fully Optimised

The web can be a tricky medium for writing because you have to consider all of the elements a reader will experience when viewing your content, Seo attempts to help you understand what effect each element can have on the overall feel of your site.

Your site design and the way your site is laid out will influence their experience. The big things to consider are: Browser support, the browser your visitors are using to view your content is a major factor in their experience. You need to make sure all browsers are compatible with your site. Check the compatibility tool at the browser company’s website to ensure the web browser your visitors are using is compatible. Scalability Web pages tend to be tall because they are optimized for viewing on a variety of devices. Compatibility is key to having a easy-to-use website.

Without including mobile, tablet & desktop compatibility you may experience higher bounce rate – the rate in which people jump from your site by pressing the back button, which in turn affects ranking and thus organic traffic.

It’s also important to detect any broken links or alternative text descriptions errors, when it comes down to traffic sources, if both you and your competitor have high quality content, your technical faults and display could be the reason your competitor is beating you in relevant searches. 

Quality content

Liking Content
Like time for content

Search engines are built on the premise of “content is king.” If your content is great, then you can be sure that the search engine will deliver it to people. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others rank websites that deliver high quality content. Another thing that search engines are looking for is a link exchange. Every time your website uses a resource of another website to improve its ranking, you are also improving your link building. Not to mention backlink, this is where a website might reference your website, in this case a backlink can be included on a blog about your website, if the user feels it provides the reader with good content.

Having and acquiring high-quality backlinks is a huge success when it comes to SEO and often takes years to master correctly, you need to be able to identify when back links are of solid merit, how you can obtain old broken backlinks, what backlinks are bad links and not worth your time and who’s ‘link juice’ you’d like to acquire to help build your authoritative content.

Another tip for content creation is developing infographics. Infographics are an easy way to provide content on a website and improve its ranking. That means you will be ranked by search engines for doing so. You can add an infographic, or put it on your website, to increase traffic. Focus on having quality, relevant content.

Quality content can be anything from an Infographic to a blog post, social media post, well written product description & video. Content marketing is arguably the most important ranking factor for your website, when thinking of local seo your quality can link to local content regarding your service area & neighbourhood.

Finally you might see some quick wins with content marketing if you looking for long tail keywords- these are essentially longer keywords with less search volume, although if you begin ranking at the top of Google for 5 long tail keywords, you may begin to rank higher for the primary focused keyword.

I.e If you’re a coat sales store your long tail keywords may look something like this;

  1. Red Coat with hood
  2. Blue Furry Coat for Winter
  3. Large multi coloured buttoned coat

Now all of these might only have a search volume of 10 – this means on average only 10 people a month are looking for those long tail keywords , however getting to the top for all of these keywords could help in your efforts to rank for ‘Winter Coats’ which may have more search volume.

Remember when it comes to content, including the right keyword phrase is great, but if your content isn’t made for readability, then it will likely never work the way you want it to. You don’t ant to build content for mobile and web purposes, you want your content to reach audiences, become sharable knowledge and offer something to your potential customers. 

Optimize your site

SEO Phone Optimisation
cropped shot of seo using smartphone with statistics charts on screen

cropped shot of SEO using smartphone with statistics charts on screen SEO is all about ensuring that your website is available to users across the internet. It’s possible to improve search engine optimization by adding content to your website. A few SEO tips for optimising your website are easy and simple, don’t duplicate content, do focus on link building and do report all your recent optimisation or changes to Google Search Console.

Remembering that Mobile users are just as important as desktop experience, and thus should be treated the same. So when you conduct your site audit and optimisation remember the following;

1. Image optimization

2. Mobile optimization

3. Content optimization

There are a number of SEO services and tools that you can use to improve your website and optimize its visibility. Keeping your website relative and recent will always keep you in Google’s good books.

Relevancy is important to google, it will not rank an old website, however if your website is regularly updated, along with updated keyword changes, your website page or post can continue to grow in the search engine results.

If you’re already number one for your chosen keyword, why not extend your keyword range? try ranking for more additional keywords, higher difficult keywords or newly used keywords, in SEO terms, even if your first, it doesn’t mean you’ve finished the race.

Promote your website

Internet Marketing Charts
Using Facebook for SEO purposes

In addition to creating content, promotion is another important part of SEO. In other words, you must promote your website on social media, increase your reach on your website, and conduct other means of attracting visitors. Having visitors to your website also increases the chances that your site will rank highly in search engines.

A good example is “Real estate and real estate investing company.” The first page they appear in Google is the second page of results, which is why the company moved to get that ranking. Part of their effort to improve their rankings was to encourage friends and family to share the links to their website on their social media pages. Using social media promotion also helps you to track the results of your efforts.

The best social media pages to share & promote on are different for every business, find out where your customers are, and place yourselves there. If you notice that 80% of your customers use facebook, it’s probably a good idea that you regularly post on the channel, however if only 5% of your customers use Linkedin it may not be necessary.


Businessman At Laptop Working With Internet Marketing Charts In Office
SEO Reports

 The truth is SEO is a continuous game, If you take care of your website, then you’ll get a more visible web presence. If you work to improve your website, you’ll get the exposure you need to attract new traffic to your website and grow your profits. Optimisation can always be improved, and your website will never truly be finished. Keeping up to date with regular updates, blog posts & keyword research is a fantastic way of staying ahead of your competitors and dominating the top of the search results.

An SEO strategy is one of the easiest plans to follow once you have your right formula, you’re able to monitor your results through Ahrefs and Google analytics to understand if the work you did made a difference and if so how. 


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