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Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd & South Wales.

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We are a full-service SEO Agency, operating throughout Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd & South Wales. Looking for a way to drive organic traffic to your sites & increase visibility? Well you’re in the right place. Partnering with Sgor means we’ll work had to get you to the top of the search engine rankings, through developing a tailored SEO strategy for your business designed to bring organic traffic to your website.

SEO Wales
Connecting people to Your Business

Local SEO

This package is ideal for any small- medium business looking to increase their visibility on Google and connect with potential customers online. We'll optimise your website & GBP profile, this is ideal for businesses who're offering a local service. Sgor will help you identify the Keyword phrase you want to rank for and produce quality content that gets your customers attention! This SEO campaign can be used to boost your local appearance and focus on the local SERP & map rankings, the local search traffic will direct leads & sales to your website and thus help generate more sales.

National SEO

Looking to further your reach? National SEO will allow your business to begin ranking for keywords regardless of your location . Our team will spend time ensuring that your GBP is up to date and highlights the products & services you provide. We'll work to continuously optimise your site and include on page SEO to reach further afield whether that's in Wales or the whole of the U.K. We'll also provide quality blog post that engage with a wider audience as part of a content marketing strategy and bring in large national level traffic, increasing your domain authority & trust on Google's search rankings

Ecommerce SEO

Ready to conquer the digital market? Our Ecommerce SEO package is tailor-made for online retailers. We'll optimize your site for seamless navigation, integrate potent keywords into product descriptions and meta tags, and streamline the checkout process. Technical SEO enhancements, authoritative backlinks, and engaging content will boost your store's visibility and authority. Mobile optimization ensures a smooth shopping experience. Elevate your Ecommerce success with our comprehensive package. Experience exponential online growth with our all-inclusive Ecommerce SEO package, driving sales and amplifying your digital presence.

Wales Online Extract

“Three years ago, our website generated no sales at all,” he said.

“Now 75% of our monthly income comes from online sales.

“Aberdare-based digital marketing company Sgôr advised us to re-brand and working closely with them has helped us to rapidly grow the business online.

“In the midst of lockdowns and a global pandemic, they helped us get the number one spot on Google, and we have been inundated with orders ever since.”

Millennium Centre, Wales

SEO Power Hour Consultation


Our SEO-driven homepage elevates your brand and marketing efforts, ensuring maximum online visibility and engagement.


Experience seamless design and development excellence on our SEO-optimized homepage, crafting a user-centric digital journey.


Fuel your growth and optimization initiatives through our SEO-focused homepage, propelling your digital success to new heights.

The SEO Process

Our SEO process is a meticulously orchestrated journey that involves a comprehensive assessment of your website’s architecture, user experience, and content. We delve deep into keyword analysis to uncover the most impactful phrases for your industry. From technical fixes that enhance performance and security to crafting engaging content and building authoritative backlinks, our process elevates your online presence, drives targeted traffic, and ensures lasting success in the digital landscape.

SEO Packages at Sgor

We don’t follow a one-size fits all approach, we know that business operate in different ways and to truly understand your business, we need to understand your customers & the customer experience.

To Start

We’ll do extensive key terms & keyword research, this will help us understand where you rank on google and how we can help you improve your organic search results.


Next we’ll begin optimising your website & GBP profile, using keywords & quality content that shows Google you’re an expert at what you do! meaning they’ll likely favour you over your competitors.

On-Going Content Creation

Finally once your website and GBP profile have been optimised we’ll regularly produce quality content such as Blogs, Vlogs, Videos & Personalised brand images that keeps your company in the top rankings on Google.

Technial Fixes

Our streamlined technical fixes process meticulously diagnoses and remedies website issues, ensuring peak performance, security, and user experience.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll also be sure to keep you updated with regular Google analytics and key term reports so you can understand how our SEO services have effected your organic search results.

Why Choose us

Powering Success Through Comprehensive SEO Strategies

Comprehensive SEO services, where we combine cutting-edge techniques and a customer-centric approach to elevate your online presence and drive sustainable growth.

Customer Centred Approach

The content produced revolves around real questions your customers want the answers to, SEO helps local businesses stay ahead of the competition, seo tips like keyword research, competitive research & great quality content will help you appear at the top of the ranking for your chosen keyphrase and thus make you more visible to your customers & appear above the competitors.

ROI Driven

SEO strategies are easily trackable, this means we’ll be able to provide reports on a regular basis to show how your company is progressing. For example we can indicate when there has been an increase in your traffic & conversion rates. We can also monitor the content we provided and give details on which content worked best for you. This analytical data will help your SEO campaign going forward as we can find the best focus keyword for your business , introduce many a heavily optimised blog post & use Google’s algorithm to help your website.

Increased User Experience

By committing to SEO you’re also beginning the process of enhancing your websites performance, User Experience is a key element of the customer experience. If your customers find your website slow, difficult to navigate or cluttered you can kiss the sale goodbye! with SEO we’ll focus on improving your website for your customers best experience, appearing in the search engine results page will come easily once your website is fully optimised and following the best SEO practices.

Strategic Adaptation

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, our SEO approach is characterised by strategic adaptation. We remain at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring your SEO strategies stay aligned with the latest algorithms and search engine guidelines. As algorithms shift and user behaviours change, we proactively adjust your SEO campaign, fine-tuning keywords, content, and technical aspects to maintain and improve your rankings. Our commitment to staying agile ensures your business maintains a competitive edge, consistently reaching and engaging your target audience.

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National Search

Package for far reaching business


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Why you should care about SEO

SEO or Search engine optimisation is all about improving the quality of content on your website & Google business profile pages to gain extra traffic to your site & connect you with your customers.

Search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s unpaid results often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

SEO doesn’t just focus on the quantity of traffic but the quality of it. Increasing organic website traffic to your top converting pages can help improve your overall conversion rates and lead to more sales. 

We want to make sure we can connect you to your ideal customers.


What they say about us.

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Frequently Ask Question


Put simply, SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

It is the process of optimising your website to preform well on search engines, getting your business more visibility and connecting you to your customers. Search engine optimisation is all about improving your organic search traffic to different pages of your website. 

At Sgor our approach to SEO involves getting to know the ins and outs of your business, and finding areas in which you can dominate the competition. 

Our SEO South Wales packages are available and tailored to all different business sizes, in order to provide high quality yet affordable SEO prices.

SEO prices can vary from business to business, it can depend on many things from competitiveness of sector, to keyword volume, and locations.

For local SEO which focuses on smaller towns or areas a typical monthly SEO package starts from £250pm.

For SEO South Wales and more national searches this can increase between £400-£500pm depending on the overall campaign and level of competition

For a detailed rundown of our costs examine our SEO Packages


We can’t guarantee that SEO will work instantly, and if you’re looking for quick sales, SEO isn’t for you.

Our SEO Specialist team will put together online marketing strategies using SEO tools to provide a well researched plan for business growth. SEO takes time to be implemented and done successfully.

However, SEO is all about building up that relationship with Google, and providing quality information, content and pages optimised to preform well.

In doing so you’re building your websites trust and allowing google to get to know you and your brand.

SEO is a long-term game, and you could start seeing results from the 3rd month and continue to grow for years.

No, not necessarily. 

Whilst we do encourage having a website for SEO purposes, there are some cases where businesses can benefit from SEO without having a website.

For example, creating a GMB listing and optimising this without a website is still going to help with visibility of your business. 

Alongside local listings and citations promoting your social media pages as an alternative to a website. 

A Little
About Us

Founded by Gethin Jones, Sgor is a local Aberdare business that aims to help improve other businesses within South Wales with its online presence. This includes helping them develop a bespoke website, delivering local, national or e-commerce SEO, social media management and other online services. 

Our Mission

To support local businesses by helping them improve their online presence through high-quality and bespoke web designs & a well-constructed and well-scheduled monthly SEO package. 

Offering help & advice with other digital marketing add-ons such as Social Media, PPC, Videography & more. 

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