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Included In Our SEO Services

Face To Face

We are not a faceless company, we believe in what we do and getting to know you and your enterprise gives us the best chance of success.


Keywords are over used, but understanding how people search on Google is priceless. We identify the words to target and to leave.


To understand what Google wants from a website you have to analyse those ranked higher than you. You also have to exploit their mistakes!

Ranking & Reporting

We use expensive software to monitor changes and opportunities. We also send you monthly reports because we're confident in our work.





We will ensure your site is technically up to scratch so that search engines can poke around and analyse your website and content without any issues.


We’ll dig into what words, terms and phrases your customers use and how often. Then we’ll take a look at how competitive those keywords are so we can make decisions on where we can make the most impact for you.


We will improve the quantity and placement of the main keywords and phrases identified during our investigations.


We will help you get the content right on the site so that it matches the needs of search engines and users alike.


One of the most significant factors in ranking is the quality of links from other websites, so we’ll investigate what your competitors have and go further.


We are in the results business and will make sure you have access to reports showing the increase in both rankings and traffic.

SEO Management Advice from Google​

White Hat Only - Trust Not Tricks

SEO is the method of promoting a website’s presence across the major search engines so that you can gain significantly more people visiting your site.
There are two primary methods for doing this ‘White hat’, and ‘Black hat’. We only provide white hat services to our customers, effectively giving Google and your visitors what they want. Be wary of using Black Hat tactics as the idea is to trick Google and the penalties for your website if they get caught are severe.
We specialise in Local SEO but take on national campaigns for both tourism and e-commerce. The biggest factor to consider with both community and UK based optimisation is competition. For example it’s harder to rank for plumbers in Cardiff than Pontypridd because of the numbers. However due to bigger budgets it can be harder in Brecon than Blackwood for certain sectors.

Elements of Technical SEO


Mobile phone browsing has become key to rankings, so we want to make sure users have a great experience whatever device they use.


Speed is seen as vital for search engines because they know slow sites are not user-friendly. So we’ll help you to deliver speeds that Google are happy with.


Sitemaps are like the index of a book and tell search engines what your site contains and where.


We prefer websites that use a content management system because of the speed and efficiency of making all the changes necessary


It can do a number of things but one of those functions is to create redirects when pages or posts go missing or get deleted (404’s are bad).


Tells the Search engine software (bots), where they should and shouldn’t go.

Why are keywords Important?

Title words

Keywords used in your headers are single word keywords. These have the most significant quantity of searches, but because of that, it's tough to get on the top pages.

Content phrases

These are placed in the body text of your web pages and are often 2-3 word terms or phrases. They can still have a high volume of entries but are generally easier to rank for.

Long-tail keywords

This is what we call searches that resemble sentences and are pretty specific. The search volume is small, but it can be easy to rank for them.

Keyword example

A web designer has asked us to help her get traffic so we take a look at our monthly search data.
• ‘Web’ has approx 50k entries (title)
• ‘Web Design’ has approx 20k entries (phrase)
• ‘local web design’ has approx 30 entries (phrase)
• ‘get a web design quote’ has approx 10 entries (long-tail)
With this abridged information, we’d advise a new web designer looking to generate traffic to use a long-tail SEO strategy. As the top two keywords are incredibly hard to get for a new website and the third doesn’t offer enough rewards to justify the harder work.

Semantic core

Googles getting smarter
It’s important to note that although keywords remain highly significant, Google is getting better at understanding what we mean. For example, if you search for a ’24 hour plumber’ Google now knows you could also mean ‘Emergency plumber’ so gives you both results.
It is also beginning to understand that an expert in cars isn’t the person that says ‘I’m a car expert’. Instead, it looks at your site and makes up its mind based upon explanations of things like exhausts, ignition and suspension.

Elements of on-site SEO

Page titles and URLs

For those pages that are not ranking, we will make the necessary keyword changes to help Google, and appeal to users.

Meta tags & descriptions

These are the paragraphs that appear underneath the link to your website in search results, so we’ll make sure they’re informative.

Keyword strategy

Sites now get penalised for overuse of keywords, so it’s essential to have them correctly placed in headings, text and images.

User journey

How a user experiences your site is critical. Google tracks bounce rates because it wants to see how many people your site engages.

Content and Media

We are sure you are great at what you do, but it’s Google you have to convince. We can help you get the content you need to showcase your business but what the best medium and the way to pitch it changes from sector to sector. So for

Web pages and blog posts are your bread and butter however. We find that most small business owners are just to busy to write pages of content so just try to get away with the bare minimum. So we’ve started offering a content creation service so that you can spend your time doing what you do best.

We can also help with other useful content creation such as info graphics, photography and video. Please contact us to find out more

Elements of off-site SEO

Domain authority

Google trusts some sites more than others. Google quantifies this trust on a score based domain authority system. So sites like BBC will get a trust ranking of 98, and a website with nothing on it at all will get zero.


One of most significant factors of trust has always been based on external sites pointing to you. What happened over recent years is that there is now a lot more emphasis on high-quality, and relevant domains.

Link research

We do extensive research to asses the sites that would be good to get a link from and what they might want in return. e.g. an article, info-graphic, testimonial. We use this as an opportunity to scout out the competition.


Reporting and analysis​​

A monthly review

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Google Analytics

We don’t just hand over a bunch of numbers that make no sense we try to show you the numbers you can associate with your goals

Webmaster tools/Search console

We’ll show you what keywords people used to click on your site, what areas your gaining visibility and what links you’ve accumulated.


Most importantly of all, we give you access to an online portal that shows you your daily rankings, Moz domain score and tracks your websites journey.

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We work with local businesses and charities and hope to partner them for many years to come. We believe in people over profit and simply hope you take us with you on your journey.
We are based in the heart of South Wales and simply put we want to help Welsh enterprises grow.

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