Pay Per Click

Did you know that 75% of users click on ads to find authentic and relevant information to their search query?

But what exactly is PPC? 

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of digital marketing where advertisers and business pay search engines, such as Google, to show their ads at the top of search results. This method can be a quick and effective way to generate sales and connect your brand to potential customers. 

What We Offer

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Now you have a website, how do you get connected to your ideal customer? PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads can be the best way to build a bridge between you and your clientele, if you haven’t got time to invest in an SEO campaign, PPC is one of the most efficient ways to get quick and effective results for your business. 

 As part of your ad campaign we will help you compile a list of competitive search terms and keywords for a successful ad that will be placed at the very top of targeted search results.


3 PPC Management Tools

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Paid Search

Paid search is an highly targeted advertisement campaign. With guaranteed traffic, your ad will only appear when searchers use the keywords you select. So, you can easily target your ideal customer

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Remarketing can be used as a PPC tactic to target previous customers back to your site. This is also a great tool for e-commerce sites to target customers who are yet to make a purchase on their site

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Google SHopping

This is a great solution for e-commerce businesses who want build their revenue through online sales. With a bespoke and eye-catching advertisement, it’s a great way to convert traffic to sales with an excellent return on investment

Your PPC Campaign

We prioritise getting to know you and your business. As a partnership we will take you through a step-by-step process of choosing keywords that reflect your brand and product for the best ROI

Are you looking for more phone calls, store visits, website traffic? We will tailor and monitor your PPC campaign to maximise your results

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Small Business PPC

One of our aims is to provide a secure and successful platform for small local businesses in South Wales. In a competitive market, PPC campaigns can catapult your online revenue and help you build a trusted and popular online presence to take on even your biggest competitors. 

We’re not in the business of making a quick buck. We will make sure you are getting value for your money and optimise your campaign to fit your budget. 


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