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PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of digital marketing where advertisers and business pay search engines, such as Google, to show their ads at the top of search results. 

We now only offer Google Ads Management as a recommended bolt on to our SEO packages.

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Benefits Of Using Paid Ads

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Instant Results

Unlike SEO and long -term campaigns ads is a quick way of reaching the top of Google & attracting traffic, leads & sales.

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Customer Insights

With your website appearing at the top of Google you'll easily be able to monitor your successful products & services.

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No Fixed Fee

There's no on-going monthly contracts, you decide the ad-spend and we'll help you optimise your Google ads to preform better.

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Types Of PPC

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search is an highly targeted advertisement campaign. With guaranteed traffic, your paid ads will only appear when searchers use the keyword you select. So, you can easily target your ideal customer.

As your digital marketing experts we’ll help you select the most lucrative keyword for your business, and can help distribute your paid ad across multiple different platforms & channels, whether it’s a search engine ad such as Google Ad’s or social media ads such as Facebook ads.

Remarketing Services

Remarketing can be used as a PPC tactic to target previous customers back to your site. This is also a great tool for e-commerce sites to target customers who are yet to make a purchase on their site.

Remarketing can basically nudge your customers toward a sale, using paid ads to target your already existing customers can also create brand awareness, loyalty and personal connection.

Remarketing can also be conducted through social media channels as well as the PPC on search engine platforms.

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Google Shopping Ads

This is a great solution for e-commerce businesses who want build their revenue through online sales. With a bespoke and eye-catching advertisement, it’s a great way to convert traffic to sales with an excellent return on investment.

Using Google’s paid shopping advertisement features can help you stand out from the competitors appearing at the top of the search results for your individual products rather than pages or full website.

This is ideal for larger stores who are looking for clearance on a particular item or product.

Further Information

How PPC Management Works

We prioritise getting to know you and your business. As a partnership we will take you through a step-by-step process of choosing keywords that reflect your brand and product for the best ROI.

We’ll ask you whether you’re looking for:

  • More Calls
  • Store Visits
  • Website Traffic

And off the back of this, tailor make a campaign best suited to your needs.

We’ll monitor traffic, clicks & ad-spend to ensure you’re getting the most from your Google, Social or other Ads. 

We’ll trial keywords & key phrases to see which ad works best for your business

We’ll regularly monitor competitor analysis to ensure your ad is highly optimised compared to your competitors, we’ll monitor the right times to run your ad based off of conversion rates & clicks. 

You can be in charge of the ad funds and we’ll just advise on where and when to spend,