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21 Unique Websites Ideas in 2022

We are in an era of great digital transformation, and websites play critical roles from direct sales to harvesting leads and nurturing worthwhile customer relationships. The truth is, most business ideas have a website nowadays, whether using a website builder, or a complete bespoke website design, chances are the website you want to create already exists. So how can you create a website that attracts traffic and has a unique quality that no others have?

Believe it or not, it’s less about creating a completely new website, but more about how to reimagine and improve an existing website. The following article will discuss the most unique website designs and website theme in 2022.

1. Statistics website

You can run with this idea if you love compiling and sharing valuable business data. Statistic website shares insights in diverse formats, including infographics, charts, and blog posts.

When it comes to presenting stats, go above and beyond, it’s often really difficult to find statistics online, your site visitors may get lost with the boring design elements, a great idea on improving statistics website designs are to make them interactive & creative.

Having a statistic website will likely get you a mass amount of traffic as students, journalists & scholars are actively looking for data and research to include in their reports, presenting your website in a different way will help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Life hacks websites
Life hack website ideas

Google gets millions of searches every day with the phrase “how to.” People are looking for ways to fix problems at home, improve productivity at work, and make relationships work.

A life hack website tackles some of these issues in well-elaborated content. Content formats may be blog posts, videos, or even podcasts. Is there a business potential in life hack websites? Yes. You can make enormous sums of money with affiliate marketing. Here you insert links to products that relate to your content, and when someone buys through the link, the seller wires you a commission that can range between 30 -90% of the sale.

How to websites can be based around anything that you think may help other people, from starting your own website to losing weight. A completely unique way of creating a How to website would be to include interactive chat between participants, that way you’re creating an online community of people interested in your topic, you’re also giving a platform for conversation and traffic.

3. Meditation website

Today interest is surging in yoga and meditation, Ayurveda, and spiritual wellness. A website focused on these topics provides insights, motivation, and advice to both beginners and experts in mindfulness practices. You can sell merchandise on the site, including yoga mats, crystal products, and digital products, including ebooks.

Alternatively you could provide a monthly subscription service, over the last year we’ve experienced a surge of people taking their businesses online, are you a personal trainer? a meditation coach? there may have been a time where you may never have thought you would need a website. However, in 2020, 85,000 businesses launched online shops and ecommerce stores/ company websites in order to gain interactivity with their customers despite the pandemic.

Having a way for your customers to use your website as a subscription service may allow you to reach more potential customers who may not have had the time to do face-to-face appointments.

“In 2020, 85,000 businesses launched online shops and ecommerce stores.”

Paul Skeldon

4. eLearning website

If you’re experienced in a given area and wish to share insight and knowledge, consider building an eLearning website. Examples of such websites include Coursera, Udemy, Course Hero, and others.

The website can have a series of videos and ebooks on any topic of your choice. The business model on many of these sites is offering students a few study materials for free then charging them to access more in-depth content.

This like the previous example of meditation websites, would be ideal for somebody looking to teach online something they use to provide in person, with many businesses moving online due to covid-19 it’s now more likely that customers will turn to look for you online.

A great example for online eLearning would be learning a new language online.

5. eCommerce recycling website

Amazon is king, but that shouldn’t restrict you from starting and successfully managing a thriving eCommerce store. You can sell groceries, car parts, books, and any other monetizable products you have or can come across.

If you are looking for more stand-out ideas, try recycling eCommerce websites. Or focus on closeout merchandise for brands that are closing shop and looking for faster ways to liquidate inventory, and for wholesalers looking for great products at great discounts.

6. Travel blog
Travel Blogging
Travel Blogging

If the famous travel bug has bitten you, maybe it’s time you made money out of it. A travel blog is a place to share your stories worldwide, including those on attractions, cultures, hotels, and restaurants.

A few travel bloggers do this as a side hustle. It can also be your primary bread and butter if you monetize it right. Revenue streams from travel blogs include restaurant reviews, merchandise sales, and advertising from travel destinations. Ingredients for success here include excellent writing skills and a user-friendly and immersive website design.

7. Influencer website

Influencer marketers earn a tidy sum promoting brands and products on their various social media channels. Connoisseurs of internet marketing suggest that you need at least a few thousand social media flowers to get your foot in the door as an influencer.

As an influencer marketer with 10,000 followers on IG, the average pay per sponsored post is $200. If you want to keep this money coming, you will need to get a website to bridge your various social media channels. The website will also serve as an inspiring portfolio when it’s time to court new clients.

Once you’ve created this website you could branch out and include other subsections like the above Travel blog, as an influencer with direct traffic to your site, the addition of a travel blog could generate extra revenue, whilst also being allowed to travel for business and experiencing some of life’s luxuries

8. Nonprofit website

Not all of man’s passionate endeavors should be driven by the desire to make profits. If you are edging closer to self-actualization on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a nonprofit website could help you share your love with the world.

Whether you are passionate about saving the Amazon forest, cleaning up oceans, or finding mates for rhinos in Africa, the right website will help you articulate your vision and rally donor support for your course. Whatever website design you choose for, a critical feature to have will be a donation plug-in.

You may even consider a blog post section to keep readers regularly updated on the specific niche, alternatively you could create a link between your non-profit to a youtube channel to create an overall social media/ online presence.

9. Finance website

You can start websites that educate on money-saving techniques and ways to live economically feasible lifestyles. If you’re a finance guru, build content-rich websites with blog posts and video tutorials. You can host ads or sell eBooks on the site even as you gradually entice users to call you and request your consultation services.

This is a prime example of turning something you may be good at for example, saving in to a full blown consultancy & business, effectively turning a profit for very little investment.

10. Fashion website
Fashion Website
Fashion website examples

The cloth manufacturing industry has made many millionaires, from the McCartneys to the Beckhams, the Fentys, and others. The truth is, most of these fresh-out-of-the-box clothing lines have the edge over relic brands primarily because of their killer digital strategies.

If you plan to start a clothing line, think about the website first. This will be your portfolio as a website designer and your marketplace as a dressmaker. This is where you start conversations, create inspiring stories, launch your brand and launch new products. Choose your design templates wisely, you don’t want to confuse users who end up on your fashion site, you want them to be able to use the navigation menu without direction.

Another top tip for making a unique fashion website in 2021 is to focus on sustainability and raise awareness of your values, 77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do.

“77% of consumers buy from brands who share the same values as they do.”

Maryam Mohsin, 2020

11. Restaurant interactive menu website

Restaurants are massively online today, with restaurants and takeaways massively dominating local search results across the UK, so what do you do to stand out? You create a halo effect. You make customers live your restaurant experience on their digital devices. Restaurants websites that are also unique and effective can have their order via the website options or order via app, which allows customers to pay at their table and order their food with limited amount of face-to-face service.

There are many such effective ways to whet your site visitors appetite and get them to order. You will need a highly personalized and neat cutting-edge design. Keep it playful and fun, exciting, memorable, and straightforward.

12. Live gaming website
Live Gaming Website
Online gaming website

It is easy to start a profitable online casino in 2021. You just need money to buy licenses and manage the site before you break even. You don’t need to purchase the games that you host. You don’t need to learn to code either.

But there are so many online casinos out their players are spoilt for choice. To stand out, you need a cutting-edge feature like live gaming. A website with this capability delivers immersive experiences to users to interact with other layers and dealers on their digital devices as though they were in a land-based casino.

Alternatively to online gambling websites, you could create an online multiplayer gaming website, where you create a game for players & their friends to connect, this could be an adventure game, a knowledge based game, horror game or competitive challenges games. Designing a game however is much more time consuming than creating a website, so it’s important to have the games design completed before beginning on the site.

13. Fitness website with live streaming functions

If you love the gym, you are not alone. In the past few years, doctors have been fervently preaching about the health benefits of physical websites, and the masses have believed. One problem is, with all that is happening right now, gyms and fitness studios are closed. But people need to work out – so here is your opportunity-host fitness classes live. You can also sell books and advertise diet plans on the site in the process.

Different from the previously mentioned teaching meditation class, having a fitness website can incorporate way more than tutorials and training, you can provide individual users the opportunity to log their calories, create specific recipes and meal plans for them, think of it as a social media platform for your customers, where they can compare goals achieved, share thoughts & tips.

14. Poll website

A poll done online is a survey where participants fill a questionnaire on a web page. Polls are critical for businesses trying to mine valuable customer data. The information can be used to inform product pricing, product design, or marketing strategies. You can make money off poll websites through techniques such as the sale of ad spaces and sponsored posts.

15. Counseling website with telehealth capabilities
Counselling website

If you’re a psychologist or therapist, you can build a website that highlights your expertise and enables prospective clients to find you. Today many clinical psychologists also offer their therapies online, leveraging cutting-edge features such as live video and instant messaging capabilities.

16. Self-help websites with gamification

Self-help websites are a dime a dozen these days, tackling extensive topics from confidence building, financial acumen, mindfulness, and everything in between. Gamification is how you will stand out. You can introduce strategy games with many levels that aim to teach the various concepts you have in mind, then structure blogs around these topics, or even questionnaires for your users to fill in and compare results.

17. Resume website with animation videos

A resume website or portfolio website helps you land jobs or clients by showcasing your skills and past projects. But here is the kicker – time is mighty short commons for potential bosses and clients. Most of them ignore large chunks of texts in resumes and case studies in portfolios. A genius idea that could yield incredible results for you is transforming your text into interactive graphics, including animation and explainer videos.

18. Nutrition website with expert interviews

So many hackneyed weight loss ideas out there. So many self-proclaimed nutritionists. If you are a writer and not a diet expert -focus on wellness journalism. Make all your blogs and content interview transcriptions of your conversations with doctors and wellness experts. Cite their names, titles, and practice. Brands will love that. Soon you may bag all the marketing deals in your niche.

19. Music promotion websites
Spotify App
Spotify Music Promotion

If you have ever been interested in the music industry, a solid digital strategy could give you an edge. Whether you are an artist, producer, or promoter, a music website is a great platform to share your content, market your events, and even sell branded merchandise. Consider web design templates that enable you to create playlists.

20. 360 Photography website

If you are an expert photographer, consider creating a 360-photography website of destinations, events, or products. The best website should be highly visual and interactive, enabling visitors to zoom in and out of your images. This should be a gangbuster opportunity to get brands and people excited about your services.

Having your photography showcased is also a great way about getting other online businesses to pay for copyright privileges to use your images, you can even outreach customers and suggest they regularly check your website for images dedicated for their specific niche.

21. Events website with virtual tour capabilities

Events can be anything from weddings to conferences. You can juggle venue marketing on the same platform. To stand out from the many businesses that offer the same services, leverage the power of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree tours. You will need a website design that uses WebVR to make this possible.

To Conclude

Websites are always changing, and getting a cost effective web design with some unique layouts and themes may become difficult, or hard to come by. But if you have a responsive website with a good aesthetic and design within a specific niche, why not look for ways to push ourselves further? outreach the competition and provide qualities that no other website provides. What makes a good website is time & effort spent making sure the user is satisfied.

Whether that’s a restaurant website that provides online tutorials on how to cook your favourite dish at home, to a finance website that offers the best advice on saving on insurance or a wedding website that directs customers to their ideal local provider, if you can give your customers something that no other business can, you will become the most recommended within your niche, the truth is your website will never be finished, you’ll always get the opportunity to include more, give more and help more.