What does SEO Ready mean?

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So what does SEO Ready mean? Is it needed? How important is it?

‘SEO ready’ and ‘SEO optimised’ is a hot topic when it comes to web design and performance, and unfortunately, its definition is often very soft and vague.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, meaning that your website is built with search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in mind, with the aim of it ranking well. The problem is that it can be a very ambiguous term. However, although the core of SEO can be complicated to understand, it’s basic concepts are easy to grasp and apply to your site. Its complexity comes from the fluidity of the required standards – the goal posts are continually shifting and can often mean very little. So SEO has become a buzzword – you are looking for a product that uses it as a feature, then breaking that product down to look at the smaller details, because the product itself may not mean anything in terms of SEO.

Don’t believe the hype – unless you fully understand SEO and are ready to take it on, what is the point of having a website that is SEO ready?

The services that we provide are not so much to ‘get you ready for SEO’ – instead we build websites with the specific goal of ranking on the most popular search engines. We build websites designed to get results, meaning that SEO has to be one of the pillars that the site is built on, not just something that is done when tidying up the site.

Websites need to be specifically built with search engines, such as Google, in mind. From the very beginning, our aim is to educate our customers about the value of good SEO and to make sure a website performs quickly and efficiently. You can see firsthand how your site performed by using our unique page optimisation link. We try and keep our code neat and tidy and presented in a way that, notably, Google likes. We add ‘alt text’ to your images. Making sure that the content we write and your page names all enhance your ranking. We also offer post website SEO as a monthly service whereby we look to build links to your site that are high in value and relative to your industry.
Ultimately, we develop content for your website that will build your reputation

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