Social Media when done correctly can build an incredible bond between you and your customers, in essence a good social media platform can create a personal, emotional connection and allow you to grow your brand presence. 

Our team can help navigate your social media journey, and plot a course for not just likes & retweets but generating inbound leads and sales.


“As of 2020 The average consumer has 8.6 different social media networking accounts.”


Social Media Services

Our team at Sgor can help you engage with your customers through posting quality content, by managing your social presence and interacting with your online consumers we can help to develop long lasting relationships for your company, resulting in a higher ROI for your company and a deeper level of customer loyalty.

Upon partnering with us our team can evaluate your existing social media presence, identify who your target audience are and what platforms will be the best way to communicate with them. 


  • Account Creation
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Content Development & Distribution 
  • Campaigns
  • Account Management (Replies & Reviews)
  • Growth Strategies
  • Social Monitoring 

Why Social Media Marketing?

There are many reasons why we think social media marketing is great!

There’s no better way to stay in touch with your customers than connecting with them on a platform of their choice, having a good brand presence on social  media can allow your company to reach people far and wide.

If your company isn’t utilizing the free advertising of posting or sharing on networking sites, there’s a high chance you’re going to be overlooked when the customer is making their final decisions about which company or brand to invest in. 

social media as seen as apps on touch screen smart phone

Top Tips (The Do's & Don'ts)

If you’re thinking about running your own social media campaign, here are some expert tips that can help along the way. 


  • Set Clear goals & objectives 
  • Regular analysis and tracking activity
  • Remain Consistent (with branding and posting)
  • Share valuable content you think your users should know
  • Try posting at the same time (peak times).
  • Aim to reply to all customers / potential customers


  • Spam post (posting too frequently)
  • Use every social media platform (unless they all apply to you.)
  • Become obsessed with likes & retweets
  •  Share information without research
  • Don’t automate every social page to post the exact same message.

Social Media Packages

£ 150 Monthly
  • Social Media Creation
  • Create banners & video banners
  • Quality Content 20 posts per month
  • Customer interaction and engagement
  • Monthly report & analytics

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How To Find Us

Our office is nestled in the centre of Aberdare town, next door the post office on Whitcombe Street. We’re a 7 minute walk from the Train station or alternatively a 2 minute drive. 

If you’re visiting our Aberdare office from Merthyr Tydfil, we suggest taking the Heads of the Valley Road through Llwydcoed and you’ll find us after the Tesco Roundabout, first exit onto Highstreet and then follow Seymour Street. We welcome bookings and appointments at all times, but please be aware our street is not parking friendly, and therefore you may like to plan ahead to visit one of the many town car parks nearby.