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For some businesses there is no question that social media is the key platform ripe with opportunity. However it can still be hard to get noticed amongst the noise and even harder to turn those likes into paying customers. 

We are here to fight in your corner and to offer ongoing support in navigating Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and others…

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WEB DESIGN WordPress & Shopify

We have many different web design packages tailored to fit the need of your business, we can help create a basic website or a large-scale ecommerce website that suits your needs and delivers uniqueness to your customers.

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Local & National

We offer a range of SEO packages, from Local to National and finally Ecommerce. We'll help you gain visibility and brand recognition, optimising your website and content to reach your customers and attract new leads.

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Google & Bing Ads

PPC is a quick and effective way of meeting your ideal customers. Partnering with us will allow us to target your paid ads in the right direction and get you instant interaction and lead generation. Bringing your customers closer.

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Multi Platform

Connecting with your customers and gaining engagement, social media is a brilliant tool to build a brand for your customers to review, recognise and refer your brand, whether organically or through ads

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Social Media Management

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media when done correctly can build an incredible bond between you and your customers, in essence a good social media platform can create a personal, emotional connection and allow you to grow your brand presence.

Our team can help navigate your social media journey, and plot a course for not just likes & retweets but generating inbound leads and sales, interacting with your potential customers and other local business owners to generate fantastic content creation and help achieve your business goals.

Working With Sgor

Making sure it works for you

Social media marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy, and recently has expanded the level of communication that businesses can have directly with their target audience. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media channels can be a brilliant strategy to raising brand awareness.

At Sgor, we’re confident that we are able to devise a brilliant social media marketing campaign that can include content marketing, advertising,social listening and branding techniques that allow you to expand your digital marketing tactics.We’ll work by creating your social media profile,by managing your social presence and interacting with your online consumers we can help to develop long lasting relationships for your company, resulting in a higher ROI for your company and a deeper level of customer loyalty.

We don’t believe that every company is required to be on every social media channel, we believe that you need to be on every social channel your customers are using. And the the message should be consistent to both your brand and to each channel.

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Take a look at our small business social media guide for information on how best to use social media!

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Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing Plan

After developing your social media campaign, which includes creating your social platforms and evaluating social media users and their preferred  types of content. We can begin with developing compelling content as part of our content strategy. Our content will be designed to reach your target audience, form relationships with customers and include relative and up-and coming social media tools which users can interact and engage with. 

Our experienced Content creators will provide the best digital copy for your business, taking time to carefully understand your audience, through social listening on many social network sites, tracking popular social media marketing trends and gaining valuable insight for their user-generated content

Lead Generation

Social Media Ads

A great way of attracting new potential customers with social, is social media advertising. Whilst paid advertisements is not a requirement for any social media marketing plan, advertising campaigns can typically help boost engagement, reach and sales with immediate gains.

Social Advertising can be done through facebook ads, instagram marketing or influencer marketing. You can choose which posts you’d like to boost or advertise on social, whether this be relevant content, engaging content or sales based content designed to analyse buying patterns.

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Partner Reviews

We have been working with Sgor from the very start. All staff have been polite, friendly and very helpful. We were struggling to beat "the big boys" spending thousands a month on SEO in our market. We now list number 1 for all of our chosen search terms at a very competitive price. Couldn't be happier with the service and will be using for many years to come.
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All Stretched Out
Website + SEO
Fantastic service and professional approach. Such a friendly and accommodating business. Thank you so much guys, you really helped our business.
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Website + SEO

Social Media FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

No! As a small- medium sized business you do not need to be on every social media platform.

Only use the social media platforms your customers are using – this may take a little time to do some research, but don’t waste your time posting on a social media platform that your customers aren’t using.

Focus your efforts on being where your customers are and connecting directly to them.

For more information regarding which social media platforms to choose read our Social Media for small business guide.

Engaging content can vary from business to business on social media.

In fact it vastly relies on what your followers and customers like. 

Play to your strength and highlight the positives of your business, promoting your products and services alongside your values and personality. 

Remember that video has more engagement time on social media that text and photographs and customers feel more connected when they are presented with a face rather than a product image. 


At SGOR we understand that for some business, a website may be too much, and that in fact you may be able to operate well from a highly optimised Facebook or Instagram page. 

Using one of these as an alternative to a website is more than doable, with the right level of optimisation.

In recent years social media has grown from a way of connecting with friends, to way of connecting with customers, to a way of creating real bonds and relationships turning customers into loyal advocates. 

Social media is an important step for a small to medium business to advertise and reach out to your customers on a more personal level. 

Not to mention  – if you don’t have social media profiles you’re less likely to be trusted in 2021. 

At Sgor, we like to offer our customers multiple different packages that suite them. 

And are confident we could provide a custom social media package to suite any size business, whether you’re just looking for a start up and integration package, or a monthly post and increase in followers campaign. 

Speak to a member of our team about our varied social media packages. 

Start by tracking your posts. 

Using things such as Facebook business suite and creative studio for Instagram and Facebook are great way of monitoring views, engagement traffic and followers. 

An indication of social media success could be a growth in engagement or followers. However social media success takes time and cannot be achieved overnight.