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June 2, 2018, 11:04 pm, Blog
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-Standard 5 page

Our most common kind of site for a local business. Our standard 5-page site is similar to a traditional website. It doesn’t have to follow the format, but it is usually a homepage, an ‘about us’ page, a contact page and then a couple of pages that describe the service and the products that you offer in detail.

We are not rigid when it comes to this format. This is just a standard website, and whether it’s four pages or seven pages, it doesn’t affect the price significantly. The functionality remains the same throughout. It is a standard site.

The design of each one of these pages depends upon the kind of business that you operate. It may be that you don’t have much and don’t need much of an ‘about’ page and you don’t need a CV because the products are for sale, not your services.

If all you require from a contact page is to display a phone number, then we won’t charge you for adding that page. If you’re unsure which of the following websites to go for then, this is the one for you.

This produces good ‘bang for the buck’ regarding the content you can create. Most users will understand the format. There are enough opportunities to explain yourself in great detail, and we try to make the most of each of the five pages.

Your homepage will be made up of a summary of your best keywords and marketing language so that it gives you several paragraphs of content that will enable you to rank well.

We thoroughly recommend an ‘about us’ because it is Google’s way of understanding your credentials, your qualifications and your experience. Google uses you’re ‘about us’ page a bit like a CV or resume, so it is important to describe how much experience you’ve had, any qualifications and perhaps some testimonials so that if Google is reviewing your page and your site, they’re able to get a good idea of your credibility.

Your products and services pages should be full of content and have a basic overview, much like your home page, but should then lead into more specialised areas and subheadings. This may involve just playing videos, photos and galleries and giving your potential customers an excellent understanding of your business at a deeper level. These are the pages for those that want to know more.

Your ‘contact us’ page could be as simple as a phone number and an email, but we would recommend that, when given the opportunity, we customise this to suit your business. Whether that is a 360-degree view of inside your store, an interactive map, a contact form (or several) based on the level of information you need to collect from your customers.

Also, communicating what you’d like your customers to be thinking about before they contact you.

The design of each one of these pages depends upon the kind of business that you operate. It may be that you don’t have much and don’t need much of an ‘about’ page and you don’t need a CV because the products are for sale, not your services.

If all you require from a contact page is to display a phone number, then we won’t charge you for adding that page. If you’re unsure which of the following websites to go for then, this is the one for you.
Building sites from £500 (not including content).

-Landing page

Landing pages can either be an entire website or just a single part of a site, depending on how you market your business, products and services.

For some, their whole business is a landing page which asks a question or whether the user wants to download something. For example, they could download a brochure, and the page could be a button for the download, or for a contact box for an email if they want to subscribe to a newsletter.

This is all that a website like this entails – the most basic kind of landing page you can get. For some companies, this is the only thing that they and their customers want so why pay for the other end of the scale of landing pages – those that rely heavily on ‘[pay per click’ advertising like Google AdWords?

Google AdWords asks you for a value of how much are willing to pay for each click on the advert. It assesses the quality of your landing page compared to your advert.

If Google thinks that your landing page is quick, functional, answers questions, gets the right keywords and produces good results and responses (i.e. your users click on something) then Google is much more likely to show that page even if you’re not paying the same amount as your competitors.

If you are paying the same as competitors, then it is simply a case of whoever has the best landing page. Therefore, it is imperative for those that want to advertise to have a very effective landing page.

Depending on what you want from it, it’s important that it’s professional and respectable. What you want from it is essential – once we know what the purpose of the landing page is, we can provide viable solutions and potentially add your advert or include the function that you require.

-One page

A one-page site is a long scrolling website where you can even scroll all the way from the top sentence to the bottom sentence. There are no other pages – you click on links and they jump to different positions on the same page.

So it can be a good solution if you don’t need to communicate much information and you want your website to be as simple to use as possible, especially on a mobile phone or similar device. One page websites certainly accomplish this, though they are not as successful in search engine optimisation because of the way that they work.

Google tracks how you interact on a website, so if you stay on one page, it assumes that you were not able to use all the pages on the site. Therefore, it becomes tough for the website to rank well, and so one-page websites become something of a luxury business card – a website where it does little more than show your necessary contact information, though it does so in a slick and fancy way.

If you’re up against the competition on Google pages, then this site will be a significant disadvantage, so it is cost effective. However, it does provide a pure scrolling user experience.

-E-commerce site

E-Commerce sites are where you’re looking to sell something directly from your website. This can be merely paying for a subscription or a one-off fee to download something, or it can be a bit more complicated with a shopping basket and the ability to talk about the company and the services and the products you provide.

It can also be an opportunity to communicate and who you are and a way to contact you. It’s important to think about the scale of the website you need your e-commerce site to be.

If you are a local business, you should consider whether you want this site to become its entity or just in addition to your local services.

Traditionally, an e-commerce site was a database full of products. With photos, descriptions, prices, discounts, the shopping basket and checkout. What and how we sell online is evolving, so it’s important to think long and hard about how much you want to sell and the way that you want to receive payment.

We can advise from start to finish but it’s your business, and it’s essential that you do what you feel comfortable with. Local companies that we have worked alongside have had the intention of providing the whole catalogue through their e-commerce site, but the inventory changed so fast and the changes in prices so often that our advice is that local businesses that they should identify their most significant ticket items and start there.

They can then increase or decrease their featured items depending upon their success. You should also consider whether you need a basket or a login to check out. There are several options, including credit card payments, PayPal and Stripe. But whatever you decide, we are happy and able to provide.

Whether you need more pages, features or an integrated app, we can deliver a unique solution that suits your business.

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