Why redesign my website?

May 24, 2018, 3:22 pm, Blog, Web Design
Web Design Wales with Slingshot Digital Marketing
Most businesses think they only need a new website if their current one looks old. This is the wrong way to think about your site. Beauty does not define the success of your website, ask google.

Their front page is not going to win a pageant, but it is the most seen webpage in the world. When it comes to getting a new website the real question is, does it work? And that comes down to the goals you have for it whether brand, customer experience or increased actions.

If, like a lot of people, you just got a website because that’s what everyone does and you hope that visitors use it somehow, stop! Before you do anything else ask yourself why you need a site, what would define a successful website and how can you set real targets.

Is it about making yourself easily contactable, informing people of new services, reaching out to new people or to sell. There are lots of reasons for a website, and they all come with opportunities and obstacles, but it should never be about form over function.

Looking good is essential, but it’s firmly behind performance and functionality. Because what’s the point of having a beautiful website but no buttons to click on and 10-second loading time?

It’s good to have an aesthetically pleasing site, but it has to function well first. Its necessary to be visually impressive but only after you’ve ticked the other boxes first. Firstly, decide the journey. Next, build the framework that works.

Finally, try to make it look as good as possible – not the other way around. It’s no coincidence that the award-winning well designed beautiful websites never have that much traffic – never have that much click-through rate – never go on to be that successful.

This is because they are pieces of art, not functional websites. It is essential to have a visually grabbing and pleasing website but not at the cost of the main reasons they exist.

It’s important to think about form over function, but it should still be pleasing to look at. When you consider that Facebook, Google and the BBC are not going to win generic awards, but they seem pleasant, and they have great functionality.

They are successful because they have that identity and that’s enough. This is where brands come in – having a memorable logo and a set of colours – working within that, creating symmetry and being selective about any additional images. Creating a look, a feel, simplicity and equality that works for your business or organisation.

We can help you build attractive websites, and whether you’d like that to be simple, bold or modern, we will deliver. But the thing we pride ourselves on is helping you set those goals right and then help you achieve them.

So if your site does need a facelift think about giving Slingshot us a call but if your website doesn’t work, definitely give us a call. We offer free advice to all local businesses and charities.

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