Website speed performance

Performance makes users happy, so therefore it makes Google happy. If you page loads slowly then Google isn’t going to rank you because it’s not a great website. So if your page loads in three seconds but someone else’s loads in one then Google’s going to choose them first.

You might currently have the best image and loads of content, but if all that content slows your website down, then no one’s ever going to see it. Therefore, performance is critical – not just for the user but for the search engine as well. It’s crucial to dot the ‘Is and cross the Ts’, but the framework of your website should also work efficiently.

There a bunch of things that make up the overall loading speeds and if you are using a CMS, content management system, they are probably scripts and information loading that you are just unaware of.

However, if you are using a platform like WordPress then there are plugins that can help those unsure about coding. Like those that compress and therefore shrink the size of all your images and those that combine your CSS information so a web browser doesn’t have to look at 12 different files. But be careful because of too many plugins and guess what…. your site will be slowed right down again.

Another big, big factor is your web host. Your site sits on one of their servers and if they’ve put too many sites on that server then your speed will be affected or maybe you used a cheap/free host and the performance was never really good enough. If it’s important for your site to do well don’t be afraid to spend a little more, your users will thank you for it.

If your still not sure why you need a new site, find out more.

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