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June 11, 2018, 1:14 pm, Blog, Web Design
Web Design Wales with Slingshot Digital Marketing

The most important questions when it comes to deciding what needs to go into your website are:

What does the user want?

What do I want to achieve?

How do I create that journey from A to B?

So, you need to embed this from that first section of your web page. What is the use of only thinking ‘what do they want to see?’ It has to be useful. The website is all about those first 10 seconds, and users often won’t scroll down at all, so you need to focus on the effectiveness of the first section.

What is the user thinking? What do they want from the page? It has to be user-led – the customer is what the website is all about. Is anything confusing? Are they going to think, ‘I can get better information elsewhere’?

When a customer presses the back button on a website, it can work against it because Google believes that that website didn’t help them or is confusing and so they had to click back. As a result, Google decides that the site wasn’t beneficial and prevents users from making the same mistake again.

So it’s important to try to entice them to scroll down. Once you have tempted them to stay longer than that first eight seconds, it doesn’t just stop there.

The end goal is to get a conversion – a new customer. You want them to come to your site and do something, read something, activate something or buy something.

Don’t let your website entice someone to use it without offering something. Hopefully, your customer wants a product that you’re selling. Do you want them to make just a purchase or a particular type of investment?

Be specific about your goals. Maybe you need contacts. Perhaps you need to make a lead. Perhaps you need more than that.

Maybe an email address isn’t quite enough and you want more information. Perhaps you want to take them further on the journey so that they’re booking a date.

These are all different levels of information, and throughout the process, the customer is building trust and allowing you a greater insight into them.

Before you make that first call, it’s about tailoring the user journey you’re taking them on. You’re bringing them closer to your goal, and you’re educating them about your brand.
If you come onboard with one of web design packages, we can monitor how your current site is being used. This is done on one level by using Google analytics to see the page journey that all your users have been on and analysing the data to see your most effective pages.

It can also be taken a step further if we want to look at a recorded feed of how people are using landing pages. This involves going through the short videos of people that have landed on your page, and you can see what they were reading and scrolling to. This is often used when companies want to see if pages are confusing to visitors and also test different features to see if people react differently.

If you are unsure of how to harness your website so that current and potential customers get the best possible experience, Slingshot can help you. So get in touch today

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