Social Media Marketing

Social Media has unleashed a world of global interactions and limitless possibilities, but how can it affect your business?
Social Media has been one of the fastest growing phenomena the world has ever seen, and it's permanently changing. Meaning you are never too late to the party, and opportunity knocks.
There are roughly 3.484 billion active social media users today, which represents 45% of the world's total population. In the UK, there are approximately 45 million active users. It equates to 67% of its entire population.
So with the great influx of Social Media Users on the web, you have a huge opportunity to reach your target customers, grow your niche, and interact with online communities.
In fact, 78% of small businesses today attract customers through Social Media.
With a good Social Media Marketing strategy, creativity and additional tool, you can get positive results. These are the four areas we provide services in.

Post and respond

Manage all your social media engagement.

Increase Visibility

Help develop an engaging social media presence.

Social Media Training Cardiff

Provide training to help understand the benefits of social media and which platforms will work best to meet your needs.

Optimise For Growth

Develop an overall social media campaign strategy to run alongside your marketing needs.
Research showed that only one in five companies had created a social media strategy as part of its marketing efforts.
Without a strategy that takes limited resources and numerical data into account, it will be impossible to know if its expenses are producing results.
But, have no fear! We've got you covered.
We can help your business grow, gain Social Media presence, connect with your customers and achieve high ROI results.

Here are five aspects where we can help you

Advertising and Improving ROI

We can help you run social media ads and campaigns to promote and establish your brand. We can utilise powerful targeting and retargeting options to reach out to your target audience and make the most out of your budget. You can also receive monthly reports from our team so you can check the impact of your social media activities and ROI.

Content Creation and Distribution

We are willing to assist you in generating content and sharing it into a greater audience through social media sites to increase your brand exposure.

Brand Building

We can help you to increases brand awareness, humanise your brand and establish your brand to stay on top of the game.

Communication and Gaining Valuable Insights

We can equip you with skills for reputation management and help you in increasing engagement between your customers and gaining insights from your competitors to keep an eye on the competition.

Growing your BIz

We can help you create Ads and contents that can increase website traffic, generate more leads and boost your sales. We can also connect you with influencers, which can drive customer's purchasing decisions up to 50% with their word of mouth.

So connect
with us

and go for extra miles with your Social Media Now