Prices - Up-front and Affordable

Local SEO

£ 200 Monthly
  • If we think you can grow your business through Google, we'll make it happen.​
  • We find what local people are asking and put your website in front of them.

National SEO

£ 600 Monthly
  • A national market means opputurnity but often tough competition.
  • We want to get Welsh businesses competing across the UK market but that requires research, strategy and creativity.
  • Find out how SEO can help your business and why we'll give you the best chance of success.
Big Results!


£ 350 Set Up & Guidance
  • Learn how to make the biggest impact with the minimum investment of time.​
  • We offer bespoke training focused on your business and your prospective niche.​


Do I need SEO?

Most people don’t ask a friend where to buy something anymore, they ask Google. They don’t look in the yellow pages, they ask Google. It doesn’t matter if it’s local or national nor if they are on their pc or mobile, they ask Google.

Ranking in the top of certain search results won’t just grow your business but transform it.

Imagine 250 new customers a day, every day, all looking for your service or product. 

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We prefer to work with local businesses and charities. The reason we exist is to help small Welsh enterprises compete on the world stage (or online high street). The David v Goliath attitude is where we get our name.

How does the payment process work?

On small site we operate a 50% deposit and 50% on completion. On larger sites we can scale that down to 33% deposit.

How long does it take to rank no.1 on Google?

We don’t have any direct line to Google and they change who ranks where on a constant basis. 

We can only do what  Google have put down in their guidelines, use analytics across the internet and our own tried and trusted methods.

It hasn’t failed us yet.

Are You Ready to get results?