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What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimisation is all about improving the quality of content on your website & Google my business pages to gain extra traffic to your site & connect you with your customers.

SEO doesn’t just focus on the quantity of traffic but the quality of it,
We want to make sure we can connect you to your ideal customers.

What Is Ecommerce SEO ?

Our E-commerce SEO will ensure that you are ranking for all of your products and services on a larger scale, we will ensure that all of your pages are optimised to the fullest, from your website to your landing pages,products pages and services pages. We will ensure that all your landing pages are correctly optimised to ensure that your pages are more visible for customers looking for your services. Whilst also ensuring that we are providing better content than both your local competitors and your online competitors, as we will be conducting continuous research to ensure that your enterprise will always stay one step ahead. We will build and obtain backlinks for your website to allow your site to rank higher and to be considered more trustworthy, all of which will improve your overall results on Google. Sgor can also help you identify where the largest ROI on your products will be and how to properly infiltrate that market.
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Whats the process?

At Sgor, we don’t follow a one-size fits all approach, we know that business operate in different ways and to truly understand your business we’ll begin with doing investigative research into your brand, your competitors, your products and your current rankings. 

Next we’ll begin optimising your website & GMB profile, using keywords & quality content that shows Google you’re an expert at what you do! meaning they’ll likely favour you over your competitors. 

Finally once your website and GMB profile have been optimised we’ll regularly produce quality content such as Blogs, Vlogs, Videos & Personalised brand images that keeps your company in the top rankings on Google. 

Remember, SEO is an on-going process, it’s about gaining credibility on Google and widening your reach whether you choose to do that locally or on a more national & Ecommerce scale. 

How We Work With Ecommerce SEO...

Technical SEO

We will ensure your site is technically up to scratch so that search engines can poke around and analyse your website and content without any issues. ​

Keyword Research

We’ll dig into what words, terms and phrases your customers use and how often. Then we’ll take a look at how competitive those keywords are so we can make decisions on where we can make the most impact for you.​

On-site SEO

We will improve the quantity and placement of the main keywords and phrases identified during our investigations.​

Content and Media

We will help you get the content right on the site so that it matches the needs of search engines and users alike.​

Off-site SEO

One of the most significant factors in ranking is the quality of links from other websites, so we’ll investigate what your competitors have and go further.​

Data Analysis

We are in the results business and will make sure you have access to reports showing the increase in both rankings and traffic.​

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Most frequent questions and answers

It’s the process of helping your business rank  nationally for your chosen product or service. 

Ecommerce SEO is the most active SEO campaign, as it involves a detailed campaign that is designed to rank your ecommerce site for multiple keywords in a more global and national manner. 

Having Ecommerce SEO can mean each of your products or services rank individually apart from your website and outside of your country and operating location. 

If you have a large site with multiple products or services listed, optimising each product individually with product specific keywords, titles and descriptions can help your product rank individually for that search term without involving the brand. 

Meaning you’ll begin to appear in more SERP results across more locations consistently.

At SGOR we develop our ecommerce campaigns completely unique to each individual business, as each business is different one may require more attention to specific areas than others. 

In an ecommerce package you can expect monthly quality content in the form of blogs, videos, new landing pages, location pages and more. 

A link building campaign gathering authority and trust.

Product and service optimisation. 

A full brand overhaul of optimisation, and much more. 


Ecommerce SEO can typically range between £1250-£2500 pm. 

At Sgor we being our pricing at £1000 for Ecommerce SEO and research your business, keywords, estimated traffic and room for improvement to base your quote for Ecommerce SEO.