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June 16, 2018, 3:24 pm, Blog, Uncategorised, Web Design
Web Design Wales with Slingshot Digital Marketing

A phrase often used about websites over the last several years is ‘content is King’, which refers to Google’s desire for quality content and the way it analyses its quality and relevance for its search database.

As Google’s AI has improved due to substantial investment in using freelance quality assessors, they’re now interested in whether your website design is helpful to their users. It’s vital for them to show results that reflect right quality experts in their field.

This means not just repeating the same keywords over and over again but showing good quality knowledge by adding a quantity and a quality of the text that reassures Google that you are an expert in your field.

To show how far the algorithm has come they now assess the language of your website with the typical reading level of their users. So if your users are used to reading low-quality content that only uses two syllable words, then that is the way you should write.

Alternatively, if you are trying to appeal to a demographic that is very educated and reads broadsheets regularly then the text on your website needs to reflect that.

They are also able to analyse the ‘about us’ page to get a sense of your CV so they will take the keywords, the certificates and the education level that you mention, any citations or recommendations from external sources. They can analyse that information according to your field of expertise.

So if you say that you’re a doctor but don’t say what medical degree you have, where from, how many years of experience or where your specialities lie, and you say ‘I like snowboarding and hanging out in pubs’ then Google will take a dim view of your site.

It’s important to understand the role of images and videos on your website as well. They are of very little value from a Google standpoint but apparently can be used to capture the imagination of site users. Wrong or unrelated images will have an adverse effect, so make them identifiable to your brand and don’t be afraid to take your own, though we do offer photography as part of our content package.

A video, in particular, is often overlooked with SEO in mind because people know Google can’t interpret what is said (yet). However, it does track how often a video has been viewed, liked and shared (especially if hosted on Youtube).

But I think the most significant advantage is that a thumbnail can appear on your Google listing making your entry stand out on a results page and that can help get that all important click even over rivals ranked above you.

Key points for content:

If you’ve tried but can’t achieve the results you want or can’t find the time, we can meet all your content needs. So get in touch today and find out how we can create content that will engage your customers and rank on Google.

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