Other services for your website

At Sgor, we like to make sure your website is constantly operating to the best of its abilities, we offer multiple different add ons & extras to help you.

additional business card design services

Add-on Options

Our add-on services are designed to help you manage your website or online presence easier. We can help with design, reputation, acquisition and much more using latest softwares & tools.

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Reputation Management

Improve your online reviews and stay on top of your reputation.

Reputation management software is a way for us to contact your customers/clients and ask for reviews & feedback about their services. We can do this through email or SMS text and begin getting you more reviews for any social platform of your choice including your Google My Business. 

Reputation management also allows us to display your reviews in the form of a live-feed on your websites, so new customers can see your previous customers reviews on screen at all times. 

If you purchase reputation management we’ll also help respond to the reviews & manage your customer relations online. 

Online Chat Bots

Chat with your customers online

Are you looking for an online chat service for your website? 

Using a chat bot will help your customers find the answers they’re looking for easily on your site, through communicating with a member of your team. 

We can help respond to chat bot questions as well, 

or we can set up automatic responses based off of most commonly asked questions. 

additional services email marketing client contact
additional services email marketing

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Raise awareness and engage your customers with email marketing.

If you’re looking to raise awareness, or create a database of existing customers and forward news, deals & promotions we can help create an email marketing campaign to help you reach your customers. Whether you’re simply looking for engagement or sales we can devise a campaign that focuses on your businesses goals. 

Logo & Banner Designs

Get Your Custom Logo Design Here.

If you’re a new business looking for a new custom built logo design, we can help create your ideal logo. 

We’ll throw together mock images and get your feedback throughout every step of the way. 

We’ll also help you turn these into digital banners for all your unique social media pages/posts. 

We can also provide the contact details for you to have your logo printed in different formats such as stickers/vans/t-shirts and much more…

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Interested In Add-ons ?

Get in touch with a member of the team today, you don't have to be an existing customer!


Most frequent questions and answers

We have a number of different online graphic design software tools in which we can use to help create your logo, whether you’re looking for something simplistic or something detailed and thoroughly researched & planned. 

Our helpful team can create mock-ups and drafts for your logo and converse with you regularly until an agreed upon piece. 

If you have a medium- large size business, it may be time to consider reputation management. 

Reputation management involves controlling review responses, mediations, enquiries, and emails. We can also send our push notifications for your website, including monthly update emails and review requests. 

Reputation management helps you remain on the customers mind, offering solid customer service and communicating directly with the customers on multiple platforms and channels. 

There are many different forms of email marketing, from welcoming and onboarding to transactional emails or retargeting. You can develop multiple different email marketing campaigns at the same time. 

No, typically we offer these add ons to existing and current customers, when we receive new deals and new offer suggestions. 

However we offer all of our services to non- customers as well and are more than happy to help talk you through setting these up yourself if required!